This tool finds exact matches in the image you're searching for, bypassing Google Lens, and returning the original "find this image on the internet" function. Upload of files is not yet supported. Use https://postimages.org to upload your images and obtain the image link for the search.

Not directly. Do you search first. After that, Google allows you to add keywords, perform a proper date search, and even exclude certain websites or countries from your search. So 1. Upload pic 2. Click Generate. 3. When in Google:
  • Click on Tools -> Time. To find your picture in a certain timeframe.
  • Add site --> If you add site:org, you see only that picture on .org websites.
  • Remove site --> If you add -site:org, no .org sites will be shown.
  • Add keywords --> If you add a certain keyword, you picture will be linked to that topic.
  • Find the screenshots here.

Yes, the tool is completely free to use. There are no hidden charges or subscriptions required. If you want to support my work, become a paid member of Digital Digging

Henk van Ess is a distinguished Dutch investigator, researcher, and open source intelligence (OSINT) expert with a focus on social media investigations. He made this tool. Well, ChatGPT did mostly.

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